• December 2019

    Posted by Kathy Maze on 12/6/2019

    Our Theatre classes are presenting Christmas plays on Dec. 11th, 12th & 13th in the MMS library during class time.

    Dec. 11th - 1st block at 9:00

    Dec. 11th - 4th block at 2:30

    Dec. 12th - 5th block at 9:00

    Dec. 13th - 3rd block at 1:00

    Most of the plays are about 15 minutes in length. 

    Please help your student with their costumes and props.

    Invite your friends and family.  It will be a great way to get in the Christmas spirit,

    if yoiu are not already there!

    If anyone would like to bring Christmas cookies and small water bottles (enough for the class)

    We can have a cast party after we get back to the classroom.


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  • October 2019

    Posted by Kathy Maze on 10/28/2019

    Flashcards are due this week on Wed. & Thursday Oct. 30th & 31st for chapters 6/7 for Theatre.

    Tests on these chapters will be the week Nov. 6/7.


    Our Theatre Heritage Presentations are presented each week.

    Students have these dates and assignments.


    We have chosen our Christmas plays and will begin rehersing this week.  Each class has chosen their play.

    We will be performing on Dec. 11th for A day and Dec. 12th for  5th block. 

    We have assigning  all parts, and student's should begin memorizing their parts.

    Also, students should begin to look for the costume their character needs to wear.  We will talk about this in class.

    They need to have them by Nov. 18th for a grade.

    We will know about costumes by the 1st week of Nov. at the latest.

    This is always a memorable experience. Please feel free to video!

    We will be performing the plays in the library during the class time for each block.

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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  • October 2019

    Posted by Kathy Maze on 10/10/2019

    This week is the end of the 1st nine weeks.  Report cards come home on Oct. 17th.

    We begin the 2nd nine weeks of school next week.

    We are continuing to have flashcards due every other week and test every other week.

    If your child has not presented their "Our Theatre Heritage" presentation, we will finishing these 2nd 9 weeks.

    We are going to begin learning about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens in our journal entries.  This should create some interesting conversation at the dinner table!

    We have begun reading through some Christmas plays in class.  Students will be choosing the play they want their class to present.  We will audition for parts, assign parts and begin rehearsing the plays soon.

    Participation in the class plays are a test grade.  Please let me know ASAP if there is a conflict with your student's participation in the play.

    You will need to sign an audition sheet with the date of the performance. This form will be coming home 2nd nine weeks for a grade.

    All lines need to be memorized for the play. They will have a script so you can help them rehearse.

    The Christmas plays will be presented on Dec. 11th for A day classes and Dec. 12th for 5th block. (These are tentative dates)


    Please read lines with your student to help them with memorization,  As they read through the script, they should highlight any stage directions that apply to them and also be thinking about costuming.

    We will be presenting the plays in the MMS library during their class block. 



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  • August 2019

    Posted by Kathy Maze on 8/12/2019

    Grades/Assignments in Theatre Class:

    1. Daily journal entry in journal (needs to be in a spiral bound or composition book)- daily grade

    2. Vocabulary flashcards due every other week for the chapter we are studying ( may be done on Quizlet.com or other flashcard app on a technology device of choice) or regular index cards ( color is suggested- either colored index cards or colorful markers/pens) neatly written as large as possible on the card so that everything fits.- daily grade

    3. chapter tests every other week- study guides are on the back of the vocabulary words.- test grade

    4."Our Theatre Heritage" lessons will be taught by each student throughout the semester.  One every week by a different student. This can be done with a powerpoint lesson or poster board. Students have the lessons and the rubric for this already.- test grade

    5. Classroom participation - daily grade

    6. Students have an "ALL ABOUT ME" POSTER DUE NEXT WEEK. (AUG. 19-23)


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