• April 20th update on assignments

    Posted by Kathy Maze on 4/20/2020

    WOW! Who would have ever guessed the year would end this way?

    I'm really sad I am not going to see all of you face to face in class again.

    First of all, I want to clarify all of the asignments that have been assigned and what is due to be submitted for a grade.

    1. If you did not submit your "OUR THEATRE HERITAGE" power point presentation either from 3rd nine weeks or this 9 weeks, you can still submit this assignment in an email up until the first week of May.

    2. Flashcards on quizlet.com for ch 17 & 18 were also assigned to be completed.  Since we will not be back in the classroom for you to show these to me, you can show me your phone in a screenshot that shows your quizlet.com account for each of theses chapters.

    Ch. 17 had 13 vocabulary words and ch 18 had 17 vocabulary. You can also email your quizlet.com vocab words to me.

    3. The next assignment that is due is the Reader's Theatre script concerning the coronavirus.  It can be turned in this week.

    4. The next assignment was the puppet show script.  That script is due to be submitted by April 24th.

    5. The week of April 27th-May 1st-you will create your puppets for your puppet show and submit a picture of them.

    6. The last assignment with the puppet show is for you to record your puppet show being performed by your family.  You need at least 2 puppets. If you can't get your family to particiapte, you can play both of the characters in your puppet show.  I will put submission boxes in canvas for you to submit these assignments.  You will need to submit these three items: 1. script. 2. puppets. 3. video of puppet show.

    7. The last assignment is the mask.  I will be sending the instructions for this in May.

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  • March 30-April 3

    Posted by Kathy Maze on 3/29/2020

    Please send me an email if you have not been able to complete your assignment for March 23-27 because you did not have a computer or internet access and/or if you are unable to complete the assignment for March 30-April 3 because of lack of internet access.

    I need all "Our Theatre Heritage" power points emailed to me before Tuesday afternoon.

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  • March 26th- Important Information!

    Posted by Kathy Maze on 3/26/2020


    If you did not present your "Our Theatre Heritage presentation" and you want it to count in your third nine weeks grade, to bring your grade up- You must send me an email with your powerpoint in an attachment before Tuesday afternoon.  This gives you 4 days to work on it and get it to me.

    If you don't want to use this assignment's grade to bring up your GPA for the year so far, you can send it to me after Tuesday.

    I really would like to see all of them by Tuesday, but if you are happy with your grade, it is not mandatory.

    ALSO: I am holding my 6th grade conference for Theatre at 1:00 &

    7th and 8th grade conference for Theatre at 3:00 3-27-2020

    7th and 8th blocks -choir conference is at 3:30 on Friday, March 27th.


    If you have any questions about the assignments so far, please join the conferences tomorrow or send me an email.



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  • Our Theatre Heritage presentations

    Posted by Kathy Maze on 3/19/2020


    If you can't remember your lesson for Our Theatre heritage, please email me and I can let you know.  

    Also, if you can't remember what you are supposed to teach in the lesson, just remember to teach the important information in the lesson.  You need to become an expert on the information so you can teach it to the class.  Please include lots of pictures!

    Pictures or diagrams always make the powerpoint lesson more interesting.  Also, remember you can do further research on the topic!

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  • March 17,2020

    Posted by Kathy Maze on 3/17/2020

    Parents and students,

    I hope everyone is enjoying this extended Spring Break with your family!

    We are winding down the year now.

    Before Spring Break I explained what activities that I planned for the upcoming few weeks.

    Now, let me update you.

    I had introduced Reader's Theatre and Radio Theatre to most of the classes and handed out ch. 17 study guides.

    I know I had one class of 7th grade students who attended Science Day and probably did not receive this sheet.

    I had also explained that after Spring Break we would begin writing a puppet show and making puppets and performing the shows in class.

    After the puppet shows, we are making masks and having a mask parade.

    I will be entering assignments in Canvas for next week.

    Meanwhile, I miss seeing you in class, and I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

    Please go ahead and work on your Theatre Heritage Presentations and you can email those to me as soon as you finish them.



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