Degrees and Certifications:


Classroom Rules
1.  Raise your hand and wait to be called on.
2.  Do not speak while others are speaking.
3.  Bring all books and materials to class.
4.  Be in your seat, working while in class.
5.  Follow directions the first time they are given.  I DO NOT LIKE TO REPEAT MYSELF NOR DO I RAISE MY VOICE.  So     make sure you are paying attention the first time. 
6.  Respect your teacher and classmates. 
I expect that all of these rules will be followed at all times.  If you fail to follow these rules, you will receive one verbal warning.  If the inappropriate behavior does not stop, you will be disciplined according to the rules of the Student Handbook.  A classroom should be a safe environment where learning is the top priority. 
Classroom Procedures
1.  Get to class on time.  Constant tardiness will not be accepted.  You are being inconsiderate towards your teacher and yourself, not to mention that you are cheating yourself out of valuable learning time. 
2.  I expect that you will enter the classroom in an orderly fashion.  Once you have arrived, please sit in your seat, take out your materials and work on whatever work you may have. 
3.  You must be prepared for every class.  If you forget your materials, I will supply you with pencil and paper.  This WILL NOT be an everyday occurrence.  You received a list of necessary school supplies, and I expect you to use them. 
4.  Homework should be complete before class begins.  You should not be scrambling to finish it when the bell rings.  Assignments that are turned in late will result in a lower grade.
Computers are used only for classwork assignment related purposes.  Always ask before you get on one.  Electronic devices are allowed at school.  But there is a time and a place for to use them.  Please refer to the rules in the Student Handbook regarding those times and places. 
5.  The bell DOES NOT dismiss you, I do.  Before you can leave my room, it must be clean, the desks must be in rows, and you must be in your seat.  Only then will you be dismissed.