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    I am so excited about beginning my 11th year of teaching.  I will be teaching 4th grade reading and my switch partners are Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Lowe. 

    Feel free to email me at sgates@madison-schools.com 

    Please join our class remind : text to 81010 

    class code: @gatesha

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  • Weekly Announcements:

    • December 6th-ELA Case Test
    • December 7th-Math Case Test
    • December 15th: Christmas Party at 12:00-12:45
    • December 16th: 60% Day
    • December 19 -January 4 Christmas Break 



    Fraction Test #1



    Capitalization Quiz on Rules 1-6



    Math Spiral Quiz

    Reading Quiz (40% grade)


    Weekly Objectives:

    Reading: We will be reading the passage “Christmas from Heaven.” Our new vocabulary will be matching on the quiz. The quiz (40% grade) will be Friday.  


    Language: Capitalization Rules – Quiz on Rules 1-6 on Thursday. Figurative Language practice – Quiz on December 8th.


    Word Study: NONE


    Writing: Narrative Writing Packet.


    MathWe will continue with fractions on a # line, comparing and making equivalent fractions.  We will have our first Fraction test Wednesday.  We will have a spiral quiz Friday. 


    Science: Topic 6, Lessons 1-2.  Quiz will be December 7th.


    Social StudiesScholastic News and Quiz Whiz due Friday. 



    Christmas From Heaven & Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot


    1. yoke- (control column) a lever or pillar, usually fitted with a hand wheel, used to control the movements of an aircraft

    2. gratitude  a feeling of appreciation or thanks

    3. irresistible  impossible to resist, especially because of strength or attractiveness

    4. rations  to control the amount of something (such as food or gasoline) that people are allowed to have, especially when there is a limited supply 

    5. generosity  the quality of being kind and understanding; not selfish

    6. frau  a German married woman (wife)

    7. blockade  to stop people or supplies from entering or leaving (a port or country), especially during a war

    8. scold- to speak in an angry or critical way

    9. linger  to be slow in parting or in quitting something

    10. molt  to lose a covering of hair, feathers, etc. and 


    Topic 6- The History of Planet Earth

    Lesson 1: 

    • fossil – mineralized remains or evidence of plants and animals that lived long ago.
    • strata – the ages of fossils and rock layers
    • horizontal – patterns that are parallel to Earth’s surface

    Lesson 2: 

    • key bed – a layer of rock that scientists can clearly identify
    • sample – a small piece
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