Welcome to the Mannsdale Upper Media Center's webpage!  The Mannsdale Upper library currently hosts approximately 9,000 books.  Our library system is monitored using an automated search system with a catalog feature to search for needed materials.  The Mannsdale Upper card catalog and circulation system is automated through Follett Destiny software.  State-of-the-art search stations for student use are distributed throughout the library for research and internet usage. There are 10 search stations dedicated to student and staff use in our media center.  The media center is equipped with Makerspace and iPads for student use.
    Our mission is to promote an interest in reading of all kinds and to provide a climate supporting research and literary appreciation.  We have a projector and screen in our library to expose our students to the latest technology during their library visit.  Students visit the library at least once a week to check out a book, participate in a reading lesson and participate in an active read-aloud.  The Mannsdale Upper library is a "kid-friendly" place decorated in an effort to provide a haven where students can foster a love of reading!