7thGrade Language Arts ~ Mrs. Turpin


    Dear Parents & Guardians,


    I am excited about the upcoming school year!  Getting to know my students and helping them reach their highest potential in Language Arts is something I truly enjoy.  In order to partner together for the success of your child, please read the following information.



    The 7thgrade MS College & Career Read Language Arts Standards consists of reading, writing, speaking, listening, language, and vocabulary.


    • We will use a variety of online and print reading resources throughout the year. Every student will read The Giver by Lois Lowry & Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen.  These novels will be for your child to keep and are purchased with the $40 student fee that you pay at the beginning of the school year.    


    • Students will write essays and complete short writing assignments.  Grammar is taught through writing and Jag Marks. 


    • Students will learn vocabulary words through the texts that we read. We will also study Greek and Latin roots. 


    • Speaking and Listening is around 16% of the 7thgrade MS CCR curriculum. Students will be assessed on their speaking and listening skills through Socratic Seminars and literature circles.



    • GRADES:

      Minor Grades-quizzes, homework, daily assignments - 34% of grade

         Major Grades- tests, essays, Socratic seminars – 66% of grade


    • SUPPLIES: Binder w/ 3 dividers, pencils, 100-page composition notebook, 1 folder with brads and pockets, pencils, highlighters (pink, purple, yellow, green, blue, orange) assignment pad, colored pencils



    Homework might include reading outside of class and/or completing classwork that wasn't finished in class or extra skills practice. 


    • READING/BOOK CHECK OUT: Students will be required to read books/materials of their choice outside of class. I have a large classroom library and the school has a library that offers many choices.  I also ask that students ALWAYS have a book on hand for any silent reading time.    




    When a student is absent, it is HIS OR HER responsibility to check CANVAS for assignments, instructional videos, notes.  Tests and quizzes can be made up before school (7:30-8:20) or they may come in during my planning blocks (4th or 7th blocks). Make-up work will NOT be completed during class time.




    • LATE WORK: Late work is accepted until the week before report cards are due. 



    • REMIND:

    Please sign up for my class Remind.  The links are available by clicking on the REMIND tab.  


    • CELL PHONE POLICYStudents will not have phones out during class unless they have been given permission by me.  Students WILL be allowed to use phones for various classroom activities such as Kahoot.  Students who have phones out without permission will have their phone sent to the office. 


    • Please know that I am available should you need me. The best way to get in touch with me is via e-mail:  lturpin@madison-schools.com