• Fundraising

    Each year, Ann Smith Elementary's PTO participates in two major fundraisers: one in the fall and another in the spring. There are also ongoing fundraisers such as collecting Box Tops and Labels for Education. The money we raise is used toward educational-enrichment programs and school enhancements.

    Box Tops For Education

    logo Box Tops are a great way to help our school earn money. For each Box Top collected, we receive 10¢. And while that may not seem like a lot, if every student in our school collected 30 Box Tops over the course of the year, that’d be almost $2,000. It really does add up! Here are a few Box Tops facts:

    •    The class in each grade that collects the most Box Tops is awarded a trophy and treat each month.

    •    Box Tops are found on products such as Hefty, Betty Crocker, Cheerios, Juicy Juice, Ziploc, Kleenex and more.

    •    Each Box Top must be neatly cut out on the dotted lines with the expiration date visible.

    •    Three dedicated moms collect, count, cut and submit the Box Tops each month.

    •    ASE earned approximately $1,500 last year from Box Tops.

    •    You can visit the Box Tops website, www.boxtops4education.com, to receive coupons and more information.

    Thank you for taking the time to clip and turn in Box Tops!