• Car Rider Line


    Ann Smith Elementary

    306 South Pear Orchard Road

    Ridgeland, MS 39157 601-856-6621

    Karen Harness, Principal

    Shan Ellis, Assistant Principal



    Morning Car Rider Line Procedures:


    1. Assistant teachers will be ready to help your student enter Ann Smith beginning at 7:00 and ending around 7:30.
    2. Please enter one of two traffic lanes and stay in that lane until instructed to merge.
    3. Please have your student ready to exit the car from the passenger side.
    4. Please stay alert and refrain from cell phone use.
    5. An assistant teacher or teacher will open your car door and help your student to the sidewalk.
    6. The gates next to the gymnasium will close at 7:30. This will mean your student is tardy. A staff member will be monitoring entry times. 
    7. Any late arrivals (after 7:30) will be required to exit the vehicle and sign their student in at the gymnasium. The tardy procedure is in place so teacher assistants can move to their classrooms to begin classroom duties.



    Afternoon Car Rider Line Numbers:


    1. You will be given two car rider line numbers at registration. If you are not given one, please visit the ASE front desk during office hours to get one. If you lose your numbers, you will have to pay a $3.00 replacement fee for a new number.
    2. Hang this number from the rearview mirror where it is visible to the ASE staff member with the radio.
    3. You will be required to have this number in order to pick up your student. If you do not have this number placed correctly, you will have to report to the front office to get one, and then re-enter the car rider line.
    4. If somebody other than yourself will be picking up your student, make certain they have one of your two car rider line numbers hanging from the rearview mirror. If they do not have the number placed correctly, they will have to report to the front office to get one, and then re-enter the car rider line.



    Afternoon Car Rider Line Procedures:


    1. Enter the car rider line in an orderly fashion.
    2. Please put away your cell phone and pay attention to your surroundings.
    3. Please be polite and courteous to fellow drivers and ASE staff.
    4. Please have the back passenger seat clear so your student can sit there.
    5. Merge lanes when directed. We do our best to let an equal amount of cars proceed from each lane into the single lane; however, sometimes we are unable to let the exact same number through. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    6. When you reach the loading area, your student will be waiting with a teacher’s assistant. Pull all the way to the number where your student is waiting.
    7. The assistant will open the door and load your student.
    8. Pull away when directed, have a great afternoon, and we will see you again tomorrow at ASE!!