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    Control Your Brain with 3 Simple Words

    There is a science-based trick, called "anxious reappraisal" which has been found to improve performance under stressful conditions. Since anxiety and excitement share similar body sensations, it works by tricking our brains into reinterpreting our fear of something bad happening (anxiety) as anticipation of something good (excitement).   #self-confidence


    3 Words

    Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

    Learn to see your best self. The best way to counteract self-criticism is to understand it, have compassion for it, and then replace it with a kinder response.  Learn to reframe the observations made by your inner critic in a kind, friendly, positive way. #selfperception

    Energy Flows

    Don’t Let Stress Drive You Nuts

    Dr. Sonia Lupien, the director of the Center for Studies on Human Stress, says we all have unique triggers that cause stress, and all stressors have something in common. Research has shown that for a situation to be stressful it must contain one or more of the following characteristics. #problemsolving



    Stay Focused

    Get mentally tough! Stay focused and don’t let distractions get in the way!#selfdiscipline


    Mentally Tough