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    Dr. Ron Larson has authored award-winning math titles since 1978 when his 1st edition of Calculus was published. Since then, Ron has written over 50 core mathematics programs from elementary school through Calculus that are used by millions of students each year. His books are recognized for being student-friendly, clear, and concise, while maintaining substantial rigor for all learners.

    After seeing success from his writing style at both the college and high school level, Ron recognized the need to expand his philosophy into the elementary and middle school markets. In 2008, Ron collaborated with Dr. Laurie Boswell, a passionate mathematics educator and experienced author, to develop a fresh and innovative instructional program that offers a highly focused, coherent, and rigorous mathematics curriculum. Together, Ron and Laurie serve as the single authorship team of the Big Ideas Math program, creating one voice for students, teachers, and parents from Kindergarten through Algebra 2.

    Ron and Laurie use the latest in educational research, along with a body of knowledge collected from expert mathematics instructors, to develop their programs. Big Ideas Math implements the work of researchers from around the world, including Professor John Hattie, whose research on visible learning and student self-assessment is prominently integrated throughout the series. By incorporating  Hattie’s research, Big Ideas Math programs encourage a growth mindset in students and teachers alike. The instructional design guides students to take control of their learning—from surface-level to deep-level—and encourages them to transfer these skills to real-life situations. From the user-friendly designs to the flexible technology, Big Ideas Math programs are intentionally designed to inspire confidence in teachers and students to achieve success in math.

    Big Ideas Learning partnered with National Geographic Learning in 2017 to be the sole distributor of the Big Ideas Math programs.