• Welcome Titans!

    We are so excited about our upcoming season and I can't wait to start working with everyone. If you are already a member of the Lady Titans basketball team please make sure you are getting emails from our parent email group. If you know your daughter is on the team and you have not received any emails please email me at pfrazier@madison-schools.com


    Go Titans!

    Coach Frazier 


    *There will be a second tryout for 7th and 8th grade girls who missed last year's tryout and those dates/times will be posted soon. 



    Olde Towne Basketball Schedule

    Date                                     Team                             Location                Teams                  Time

    Oct. 31                                 Byram                           Away                    7b,8g,8b              4:30, 5:30, 6:30

    Nov. 4                                 Brandon                         Away                   7b, 8g, 8b             5:00, 6:00, 700

    Nov. 7                                 Vicksburg                      Home                   7b, 8g,8b              4:00,5:00, 6:00

    Nov. 11                              Clinton                           Home                   7g, 8g, 8b             4:00,5:00, 6:00

    Nov. 14                              Open

    Nov. 18                             Northwest Rankin       Home                  7g,7b,8g,8b             4:00,4:30,5:00, 6:00

    Nov. 21                             Germantown                Away                  7g, 7b, 8g, 8b          4:00, 5:00,6:00

    Dec. 2                               Warren Central           Away                    7g,7b,8g,8b             4:00,4:30,5:00, 6:00

    Dec. 5                                Pearl                            Home                   7g, 8g, 8b                 4:00,5:00, 6:00

    Dec. 9                               Northwest Rankin     Away                    7g,7b, 8g, 8b             4:00,4:30,5:00, 6:00

    Dec. 12                             Byram                          Home                  7g, 8g, 8b                   4:30,5:30,6:30

    Jan. 6                               Brandon                       Home                   7g, 8g, 8b                   5:00,6:00,7:00

    Jan. 9                               Madison                      Away                    7g, 7b, 8g, 8b             4:00,4:30,5:00,6:00

    Jan. 13                             Pearl                            Away                    7b, 8g, 8b                   4:00,5:00,6:00


    Little Six Tournament Dates

    Jan. 16, Jan. 21-23, Jan 25 2020