• Internet and Communication Technology (ICT II)


    Welcome to ICT II!

    Information and Communication technology is an innovative, instructional program that prepares students to effectively use technology in learning, communication and life.

    Students in ICT II complete study in interpersonal and self directional skills, basic technology communication tools, technology resource tools, multimedia presentations applications, word processing applications and design applications.

    My Schedule

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    1st Block: ICT II

    5th Block: ICT II

    2nd Block: ICT II

    6TH Block: Planning

    3RD Block: ICT II

    7th Block: ICT II

    4th Block: ICT Planning

    8th Block: ICT II

    About the Teacher


    I am Akilah Potee and I am so excited to be teaching Internet and Communication Technology II.  I have twelve years of teaching experience and I have been in this district for 7.  I received my Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Jackson State University.  I also received my Masters of Public Health and Masters of Arts in Teaching from Jackson State University.  I am married and have a wonderful daughter. 

    Outside of a workday, I enjoy traveling, relaxing and reading. 


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