• Course Syllabus:

    Cyber Foundations II

    Mrs. Potee


    Course Description:  Cyber Foundations II is an instructional program that prepares individuals to effectively use technology in learning, communication, and life skills. The program is composed of two courses, Cyber Foundations I and II.


    Unit and Competencies:

    Unit 1:  Orientation and (Review and Reinforcement)*

    Unit 2:  Student Organizations

    Unit 3:  21st Century Tool Box 

    Unit 4:  Personal Finance

    Unit 5:  Interactive Games and Animations 

    Unit 6:  The Design Process

    Unit 7:  Data, Computers, and Society 

    Unit 8:  Physical Computing 


    Curriculum Materials:

    Microsoft Office 2010

    Keyboard Online from Labyrinth Learning

    Internet for research

    Various handouts



    Course Policies & Procedures:


    1.       At the sound of the bell, be seated at your assigned computer station.

    2.       Be prepared for class with all needed materials (pen, binder, & any handouts)

    3.       Respect others’ rights and properties.

    4.       All assignments for this class must be completed in the school lab unless otherwise directed by teacher.

    5.       Drinking, eating, and chewing of gum are not allowed in class.

    6.       You should check your workstation at the beginning of class to check for any damage or graffiti and report it to the teacher. If you do not report it, it will be assumed you did it.

    7.       If you intentionally damage any school property, you will be held financially responsible for it.



    1.       NO storage devices may be brought into the lab without the teacher’s permission.  Students will use the classroom network under their name to store work.

    2.       NO food, drinks, candy, or gum allowed in the lab.

    3.       NO hair brushes, combs, cosmetics, perfume/cologne, lotion, etc. allowed in the lab.  These items will be taken up.

    4.       Remain at assigned station, unless otherwise instructed by teacher.

    5.       NO magnets allowed in the lab. These can damage the computer.


    1.       Students are NOT allowed on the Internet without teacher’s permission.

    2.       Students are NOT allowed to download ANYTHING.

    3.       Students are NOT allowed to listen to online music.

    4.       Students are NOT allowed to play games on the Internet without teacher’s permission.

    5.       Students are NOT allowed to type any personal information into any website.

    6.       Students are NOT allowed to log in to any website on the Internet.  This includes but is not limited to chat rooms, e-mail, Facebook/Twitter.



    %  Put your books and other materials in the designated area.

    %  Quietly bring ONLY your notebook, pencil, and any handouts to your workstation when necessary.

    %  Be seated and log in—prepare to begin class.

    %  Check workstations at the beginning of class.  Problems MUST be reported to the teacher at this time.  Workstations are expected to be kept neat and clean at all times.



    ð  Clean your workstation (pick up paper off the station and your floor area).

    ð  Return any materials used.

    ð  Log out.

    ð  Push your chair in.

    ð  The bell does not dismiss you—the teacher does. You will not be dismissed until all of the previous items have been done.



    !  Make-up work is YOUR responsibility. 

    !  See the teacher with any questions or concerns regarding make-up work.


    Materials Needed:

    1)  A folder with prongs that will be used for taking notes, storing handouts, and class activities. You will be responsible for bringing the binder or folder to class each day.

    2)  Pencil/pen

    3) Hand Sanitizer

    4) Earbuds (plug in)

    5) Highlighters (various colors)

    6) Kleenex

    *Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding these rules/procedures.

    Grading Policy:


    A--- 90-100          NC---Inadequate Attendance

    B--- 80-89             I--- Incomplete

    C--- 70-79            NG--- No Grade

    D--- 60-64

    F--- 64-0


    60% - Major projects and tests

    40% - Daily classwork


    Bellringers will be given daily.


    Homework will most likely not be given in this class unless it is for extra credit (Note: this homework policy is subject to change if needed).  


    To the Parent:

    I look forward to a very productive and great semester. I am always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to contact me and we can schedule a time to talk if needed. Be sure to take advantage of the tools available to you that will keep you informed about your child’s academics. Through teacher’s websites and Active Parent you can know of any upcoming projects, homework, and events going on in the school year. Thank you in advance for your support and I look forward to working with you and your child this year. Go Titans!