Coop's graduation    

                                                                                     Melanie Wells
                                                                                  Spanish II, & IV 

    Welcome to Spanish class!  We are going to have great year. I have fallen in love with the Spanish language, culture, and its people. It is  a joy and privilege to be able to share my knowledge with my students. Learning a foreign language has some challenges, but it is a lot of fun and very rewarding.  

    I have taught Spanish for 13 years. I have been at GHS since it opened in 2011. I received my BS and MS in Foreign Language Education from MSU. Shannon Wells and I have been married for 23 years. We have three children. Landry(20), Cooper(18), and Diana(13).  We have lived in Madison for 17 years. I enjoy cooking, traveling, reading, and watching Spanish nexflix series.  I have traveled to five Spanish-speaking countries which include: Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Spain, and the Dominican Republic. I hope to continue adding to my list in the future.

     Below are links to personal videos to introduce myself and the course and a PP with information I usually share at Back to School Night for parents. 

    Spanish II introduction to class

    Spanish IV introduction to class

    Parent Back to Schoo Night PP