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    Nikki Musgrove

    Bienvenue sur le site web des classes de français de GHS. 

    J'espère que ce site vous sera utile!

    Welcome to the website for the GHS French classes.  

    I hope this site will be useful to you!



    Qui est Madame Musgrove? (Who is Mrs. Musgrove)

    • I have been teaching French since 1996  (with a few years off with my babies).
    • I have a Master’s in Education from William Carey.
    • My Bachelor’s degree was in Foreign Languages with an emphasis in French and a minor in Business from USM. 
    • I also studied French in Montpellier, France.
    • I am certified to teach K-12 French, K-12 English as a Second Language, 7-12 Business, and 7-12 Social Studies.
    • I am a member and former officer (VP) of the Mississippi Foreign Language Association.
    • I am a member and former officer (VP) of the Mississippi chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French.  

    The following is a partial copy of a letter recently sent to parents.

    Hello, Parents!

    My name is Nikki Musgrove and I teach French levels 1-3 here at Germantown High School.  I’ve studied French since I was 11 years old and even spent some time in France to study the language. I live here in Madison with my husband Miles.  Together we have 3 children, Colton (24), Mabry (15), and Maylie (5).

    I love teaching French and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the kids this year. 

    Almost all graded work is in Canvas.  Here are a few tips to help your child navigate my Canvas course.

    *Always go to Modules first. 

    *Pages and assignments are numbered by concept sequentially.  The first number denotes the module, the second the concept.  For example, 2.1a would be module 2, concept 1, activity a.

    *Students should work through the module in order.

    *The only exceptions are the pages inserted to add the daily agenda.  These pages are entitled with the date the class meets.  Inside that page are the bellwork, classwork, and homework for that particular day.  If a student is absent s/he should open the page with the date s/he was absent to find any missed work.  A sample agenda page title is “Wednesday, September 29, 2020 Classwork and Homework”.

    *Each module contains various types of notes.  These listing type notes and guided note power-points with self-correction activities are for your child’s benefit and are optional. 

    *When new vocabulary is introduced, there will be audio files and quizlets on the first page of that concept.  These are required.

    *Assignments are usually left open until the Sunday following the date assigned and most quizzes can be taken multiple times. 

    I urge you to sign up as an observer to your child’s Canvas courses if you have not already.