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    About Me

    This is my 17th year with the Madison County School District. This will be my 8th year at Rosa Scott. I am looking forward to another great year.
     I graduated from Mississippi College in 2003 with a degree in Art Education. I completed my Masters in Art Education from Mississippi College in 2010. I teach Art I, Art II, and Freshman Focus here at Rosa Scott.
    Art I and II are lecture based courses focusing on developing techniques and information needed to progress to studio courses. Each course is 1 semester. I believe in technique before creativity. To be able to express yourself, you should first know how to correctly and efficiently manipulate the medium in which you are working. I also believe in realism before abstraction. You should first know how to create what you see realistically before abstracting what you see. A lack of technique in realism is not an acceptable excuse for abstraction.
    Students should have their art fee turned in within the first 2 weeks of each semester.
    The fee for Art I and II is $20.00 per semester.
    Please make all checks out to: Rosa Scott School.
    Please write your child's name and class period in the memo line of the check.