Lynda Collins

    School Phone Number: 601-856-7121

    Welcome to Madison Central HS and my classroom. I am so excited to have the opportunity to spend this school year with you learning about the human body or genetics. Both are exciting courses that are relevant to your life every day. I hope you will put forth maximum effort to learn as much as you can.
    This is my 33rd year teaching, having previously taught for:
    • Jackson Public Schools (Callaway HS)
    • Mississippi College
    • Hinds County Schools (Terry HS)
    • Clinton Public Schools (Sumner Hill JHS)
    • Germantown HS
    • This is my third year at Madison Central 
    I am a highly qualified teacher. My education is as follows:
    • Bachelor's degree in Biology from Mississippi College
    • Masters degree in Biology from Mississippi College
    • Educational Specialist degree from William Carey University
    • National Board Certified Teacher
    This year I will be teaching Human A&P and Genetics.
    Detailed information about the course can be found in Canvas.
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    Class Supplies:
    Year-long classes have a $20 lab fee
    Genetics has a $15 lab fee
    Colored pencils or pens
    Earbuds of your own - make sure you have some that fit the computer
    Macbook and a charger (or a charged computer) every day
     A spiral notebook with at least 100 pages. The larger ones with a pocket and hard back are recommended.