• Rafe Randall      
    Welcome to Economics! If most people were asked, they would probably define economics with those three famous words...supply and demand. But this is only part of the story. A workable definition might be: the science of scarcity and the choices (trade-offs) people must make to achieve their wants and needs. One of my primary goals is to expose my students not only to the academic aspects of economics but also the practical applications. Economics is a skill based course that if studied can aid in the success of other academic fields. I am in my sixteenth overall year of teaching, with certifications in Social Studies 7-12; AP Microeconomics; AP Macroeconomics; Librarian / Media Specialist.
    I have taught nearly all subjects in Social Studies and find Economics to be my favorite. I have also been a small business owner and an associate of a large corporation. Hopefully my experience in the corporate world will help our students to understand the demands that the business world will place upon them. Part of my role in the corporate world involved the study and analysis of economic models and the relationships between normative and positive economics. I received a Bachelor of Science in History from Mississippi College. I also received a Master of Education with an emphasis in History Education from Mississippi College. I have served as a football, baseball and golf coach previously. 
    On a personal note I am married to the former Malinda Walker of Clinton. We have two daughters, Brogan and Ella. Apart from teaching, I enjoy fishing, playing the guitar and practicing martial arts. I hold a black belt in Lung Jow Pai Kung Fu Wushu (Northern Shaolin longfist system; Dragon Claw Style) under the direction of Grandmaster (Sifu) Trey Crake.
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