Lion in South Africa by Ken Hackman  

     Lion photo by Ken Hackman, Kruger National Park, South Africa, July 2011


    Ken Hackman - Zoology

    HELLO! On October 8th, there will be a virtual meeting on Zoom with info on our 2021 trip to Galapagos and the 2022 trip to the Amazon Rainforest!!!!! Watch this page for details! join the virtual meeting to learn more and if you wish, to sign up for a special discount to travel! To RSVP, go to https://bit.ly/3cOPS8v







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    Hello everyone! Welcome to Zoology I and Virtual Zoology I. My name is Ken Hackman, and hopefully, you and your student have just logged on for a learning experience in an unusually interesting, but exciting year! I'm definitely not your run of the mill kind of guy, and these are not normal times.  However, I love my church, my family, and my job!  I have a great passion for the material I teach. I hope it shows and that your student learns all they can from my tutelage while we go through this time together.


    Our classroom is a 'living' laboratory.  Yes, Zoology is a lab-based science, but I believe that the greatest lab is the natural world itself.  In the room are tanks full of sponges, cnidarians, arthropods, worms, mollusks, frogs, turtles, snakes, amphiumas, and fishes! Yes, fishes IS a word, by the way! Hopefully, your student will be learning all about the creatures that we study first hand- up close and in a dynamic and exciting fashion.  It is my goal to do more than just give your child information, but to prepare them for the future, as well. I tell them that unless they become employed in some scientific field, the individual FACTS they learn in my class aren't nearly as important as HOW they learn and to what they aspire. While we are taught NOT to tell students that the information we teach is not important, (I will say there are plenty of real-world applications from this information), to a degree, this is primarily a course of great enrichment of knowledge and greater understanding of our natural world.
    If you need to reach me, simply email me at khackman@madison-schools.com.  On the left toolbar of this page is information for the current unit we are studying, and that can be accessed by anyone at any time. The unit we are working on now is Unit Three: Phylum Porifera - The Sponges.
      Mr. Hackman is an amateur wildlife photographer
      who uses much of his own photography in class, when possible.
    Mr. Hackman and Friend!  
    Parent's Corner:

    Please understand that we are going through difficult times. I'm not sure how long it will be before we are ALL back where we want to be. PLEASE, limit your exposure and that of your student. None of the outdoor enrichment activities which will follow later are designed to be done in groups, and we will do all we can to keep them safe here at school. My own father-in-law has Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy and will almost certainly die if he gets COVID. I too, am in a high risk category, but I am here because I love to teach! Who wants to retire? NOT ME!


    As far as academics goes, we have a favorite saying. In Zoology, if you get behind, you don't find yourself up the creek without a paddle. Rather, one finds oneself toilsomely above the proverbial aqueous solution without a visible means of propulsion. Zoology is NOT hard as much as it is different, terminology-wise. The first progress report issued may possibly reflect a lower score than you are used to seeing for your student.  The rigor in this course is a little more demanding.  It usually takes a test or two for all students to realize how to meet the expectations held for them in this course.  Please understand their grades WILL improve.....it may just take longer than you are accustomed to. I learned long ago that high expectations yield high results. Should you ever need to contact me for any reason, please do not hesitate.

    The school Phone number is 601-856-7121 --- HOWEVER, I am much easier reached via email.


    About the Teacher: More detailed info may be found below for those that are curious or gluttons for punishment!

    Ken Hackman

    Zoological Field Studies Coordinator

    B.S.  Mississippi State University, 1983 (Biology/Secondary Education)

    M.Ed. Belhaven University, 2020 (School Leadership and Administration)

    Has taught Zoology, Biology, Honors Biology, AP Biology, Human Anatomy,

           Marine Biology, Marine and Aquatics, Physical Science and Environmental Science

           for 37 years. 

    He is at Madison Central for his 25th year with no plans to retire any time soon!

    Previously, he has taught at Callaway High School, St. Andrew's Episcopal School 

           and Holmes Community College. 

    He is married to his gorgeous wife of 37 years, Ruth Broome-Hackman and has two

           lovely daughters, Mandy, who teaches at MCHS and Rosa Scott, and Allyn, who is

           a senior at Mississippi State University, double majoring in Broadcast Journalism

           and Theatre. 

    For more details about Mr. H, see the bottom of the page,


    BUT FIRST.... 

    EXCITING NEWS !!!!!!!  The summer tour of 2021 will be to the Galapagos Islands and the Andean Highlands of Ecuador!!!  You will be able to see the giant Galapagos Tortoises (seen below), Blue-footed Boobies (seen below), and even Galapagos Penguins! This tour is literally the trip of a lifetime that was supposed to depart in June of this past summer. As a result of COVID, more people will now have the opportunity to go to one of the most amazing places on Planet Earth! 

    Also, during the same meeting, we will look at the summer tour for 2022 - THE AMAZON RAINFOREST!!!!





    Blue-footed Booby photo by Ken Hackman                                                             

    Blue-footed Booby    


    Marine Iguana  photo by Ken Hackman 

    Galapagos Marine Iguana by Ken Hackman  


    A Galapagos Tortoise photo by Ken Hackman                                  

    Galapagos Tortoise by Ken Hackman .   


     Sally Lightfoot Crab photo by Ken Hackman

     Sally LIghtfoot Crab by Ken Hackman




    Ken Hackman - For those that want to know more:

    Mr. Hackman was featured in March 1999 Issue of nationally published Wildbird Magazine for his conservation work with young people.

    2000 Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District Secondary Conservation Educator of the Year

    2000 Special Merit Award from the Mississippi Wildlife Federation for Outstanding Contribution as a conservationist.

    2001 Mississippi Urban Forest Council Certificate of Recognition for Statewide Leadership in Conservation Education for the Ribbons of Green Project    initiated in Mr. Hackman’s Biology classes.

    2001 Madison Central High School Teacher of the Year

    2001 Madison County Secondary Teacher of the Year

    2002 Mississippi Association of Conservation Districts Conservation Educator of the Year

    2007 Mississippi Wildlife Federation State Conservation Educator of the Year

    2007 Jackson Metro Area Outstanding Educator

    For 17 years, Mr. Hackman and his students worked with Graduate Research Programs at both Southeastern Louisiana University and the School of Renewable Natural Resources at LSU on various research projects being carried out in the Southeastern Region, most notably, capturing and banding an endangered species, the beautiful Henslow’s Sparrow, in the coastal pine savannas. There, students were involved in helping to collect morphometric data, humanely capture a small blood sample for DNA analysis with no harm to the birds, and to outfit the birds with tiny radio transmitters for radio telemetry work which was used to determine site fidelity on these wintering birds, among other processes of the graduate level research.

    As a result of his successes in the ornithological research field, in June 2018, Mr. Hackman was honored to be a featured speaker to a group of scientists in Queensland, Australia, where he shared information on avifaunal behavior, along with research activities in Mississippi.

    Mr. H has served as the ‘Voice of the Jaguars’ PA announcer for eight of Madison Central’s athletic teams over the years, including Slow Pitch Softball, Fast Pitch Softball, which he no longer does due to outside commitments. He currently does the PA work for Volleyball, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, and of course, Football. Previously, he served as Head Volleyball Coach for 5 years at Callaway High School and as the Assistant Volleyball Coach for three years and Head Volleyball Coach for four years at Madison Central, as well as being the assistant coach for the lady Jaguar Fastpitch Softball team for four years. He also serves as the emcee for Madison Central’s Beauty and Beau Pageant each year.

    He is the sponsor for Madison Central’s Shine Bible Study, a co-sponsor of the MCHS Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a co-sponsor for the Beta Club, and sponsors the MCHS Ornithology Club. He also participates in the MCHS Faculty Bible Study held each Thursday morning.

    In the community, Mr. Hackman has served as president for Madison’s first Community Theatre, Playhouse North, and as a charter member, has served three times as the President of Center Players, Madison’s current community theatre group. He recently took Madison’s Center Players show, Second Lady, to competition at the Mississippi Theatre Association’s State Conference in Columbus, where his show took numerous honors: Lauren Ray won Best Actress, Ken was named Best Director, and the show brought home to Madison the Warren McDaniels Award for Best Show.  They went on to represent Madison and the State of Mississippi at the Southeastern Theatre Conference competitions in March of 2017 at SETC- the world’s largest theatre convention.  Previously, he served four consecutive terms as Chairman of the Secondary Schools Division of the Mississippi Theatre Association, and was responsible for the secondary state festivals each year, along with accompanying the winners to the annual SETC conferences all over the Southeastern United States.


    Mr. Hackman has emceed several local Junior Miss / Distinguished Young Woman pageants, and served on the original board of directors for the Miss Mississippi affiliated Miss Madison the City Pageant. He works with the Boy Scouts of America in the development of Eagle Projects, where he has been instrumental in developing a series of Chimney Swift Towers to help provide both nesting and roosting locations for Chimney Swifts, as more and more people seek to rid them from nesting in their chimneys.


    Mr. Hackman shares his knowledge all over the state as “The Birdman” on the statewide radio broadcast Weekend Gardening Show, filling in as a guest host when Garden Mama, Nellie Neal is out. He gives numerous slide presentations to garden clubs and civic clubs as well as libraries throughout the state of Mississippi.  He has given over 75 presentations in the last few years, including the Statewide Association of Federated Garden Clubs Annual Conference in 2002 and 2013. He has served in the past as the President of the Jackson Audubon Society and the Mississippi Ornithological Society, where he is currently serving as Immediate Past President on the Board of Directors.


    Mr. Hackman is a founding board member and the current president of the Central Mississippi Volleyball Association, (also known as Madison-Ridgeland Youth Club Volleyball), and manages gyms, as well as refereeing and/or coaching in the league to provide lower cost opportunities for young ladies in Central Mississippi to play the fastest growing sport in the state.


    Each summer, Mr. H leads tours all over the world, taking no profit for himself in order to keep down costs, so that citizens of our area can experience other cultures and ecosystems of the world.  He has led tours to Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, and Europe.  He is currently signing up adults and students from various schools to travel to Ecuador and the Galapagos this coming summer of 2021, and to the Amazon Rainforest in 2022.


    Mr. Hackman lives here in Madison, and is happily married to his gorgeous wife of 37 years, Ruth, who works at Southern Farm Bureau Life. He has two beautiful daughters.  Mandy, 30 teaches with him at Madison Central, (also splitting time at Rosa Scott), where she teaches for the Academy of Multimedia and Communications with classes in High Tech Video Production I (Intro to Editing) and HTVP II (Advanced Editing). Allyn, 21, is a senior at MSU, where she is double majoring in Broadcasting and Theatre, and is a member of the Blitz Show Choir, the Archery Team, and Theatre MSU. The Hackmans are charter members of St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church, where Ken sings in the Chancel Choir. He has served in the past as chairman of St. Matthew’s Committee on Race Relations.