• Registration Information

    PLEASE CALL 601-859-0392. 

    The documents listed below are required for enrollment.  Please bring all necessary documents with you to your appointment or prior to your appointment.  Unfortunately, missing documents will delay or postone the enrollment process.  Please feel free to call with questions and to make an appointment:  601-859-0392.

    Registration Instructions for New/Non-Enrolled Students


    Please have available the following forms/documentation showing your name and current address before trying to register your child.

    1. Transcript (and report card from first semester - if enrolling at the end of first semester) and withdrawal form will be required.  For students enrolling from a public school in the state of MS, a copy of the insert is required.  Transcript also needs to have credits earned listed.

    2. Completed Registration Form (Found under the link to the left.)

    3. Completed Course Selection Sheet (Found under the link to the left.)

    4. One (1)of the following:
              Warranty Deed
              Rental or Lease Agreement

    5. One (1) bill in your name showing street address and dated within the last 60 days (water, gas, electric, cable, phone – no cell phones)

    6. Mississippi Immunization Compliance (form 121)

    7. Social Security card (no copies)

    8. Certified Birth Certificate (no copies)

    9. Custody Papers if applicable (person registering must have physical custody)
              Guardianship papers will not be accepted until they are signed by the judge.

    10. If applicable, verification of eligibility for the Special Education program.

    11. If home schooled or enrolled at a non-accredited private school, a test will need to be administered.

    ** If you are living with others or your home is not in your name, you may be required to provide additional documentation along with those listed above.

    The bills must be in your name and not the homeowners. We may require a disconnect notice from your previous address, etc… The homeowner will need to come with you to register and provide homeowner documentation listed above. You both will complete a “Special Affidavit of Residency”.

    **All Special Affidavits will be investigated by the Madison County School security officer.