• Frequently Asked Questions:


    What is the Academy of Healthcare Excellence (AHE)?

    - The Germantown High School Academy of Healthcare Excellence is a three or four year "school within a school" program which offers a college preparatory academic curriculum as well as career and technical experiences for students interested in careers in the healthcare industry. This program provides career education alongside a thematic approach in medical health science for the core classes.  All subject matter is presented in a manner that demonstrates the relevance of the education to real life experiences and real health careers.

    What does it mean to be a Model Academy?

    - In 2018, the Academy of Healthcare Excellence underwent a review process by the National Career Academy Coalition (NCAC). After several hours of interviews and review of documentation, our Academy was awarded MODEL Academy. The Academy of Healthcare Excellence, along with Madison Central's Engineering Academy, were the first two MODEL academies in the state of Mississippi. The National Career Academy Coalition introduced a career academy review process based on the National Standards of Practice (NSOP). The review process identifies career academies around the country, in urban, suburban and rural settings that exemplify the career academy research-based best practices with evidence of fidelity to the NSOP.

    When can I join the AHE?

    - Students may apply in Term 3 of their 8th grade year or 9th grade year (limited to available spots). Applications can be found on the AHE website.

    Who teaches the Academy courses?

    - We have an Academy team of teachers that specifically teach Academy students. Currently, we have two Registered Nurses that teach the Health Science Core & Clinical Services courses.

    Our Certified Athletic Trainer, who covers all GHS sporting events, teaches the Sports Medicine courses. 

    What does the course sequence look like for the Health Science tracts?

    9th -- Health Science Core I

    10th -- Health Science Core II

    11th -- Healthcare Clinical Services I or Sports Medicine I

    12th -- Healthcare Clinical Services II or Sports Medicine II AND Internship/Shadowing Experiences

    *Please notice that all students in the Academy must take Health Science Core I & II before they can choose the pathway of Clinical Services or Sports Medicine.

    When will I choose my pathway?

    - Students will choose either the Healthcare Clinical Services pathway or the Sports Medicine pathway in the middle of their Sophomore year. They will begin the pathway at the start of Junior year.

    What is the Healthcare Clinical Services Pathway?

    - The HCCS pathway includes classroom and hands-on experiences that will provide students with an overview of the health-care field. To learn more about the HCCS pathway, click here.

    What is the Sports Medicine Pathway?

    - The Sports Medicine career pathway focuses on the aspects of the prevention and care of sports injuries. Students will learn the importance of prevention, evaluation, acute treatment and therapeutic care related to injuries in sports. To learn more about the Sports Medicine pathway, click here.

    Will I have the same classes with ALL Academy members?

    - It is our goal to place all Academy students in the same courses for Health Science, Science, & English as they progress through the program. We are looking at including Math and Social Studies together as well (depending on the master schedule put in place). We have had much success with our students and their cohort classes.

    What student organization is associated with the Academy?

    - HOSA -- Students will have the opportunity to participate in leadership activities through HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America). We encourage all of our Academy members to participate & compete in HOSA with others across the state, nation, and even internationally.