English I Course Syllabus & Class Information


    English I Course Syllabus

    Mrs. Erin Summerlin                           

    Course Description: English I will build on what you have learned in middle school, focusing especially in the fields of reading and writing skills to prepare for next year’s English II state test. Grammar units will be based on weaknesses uncovered in your writing and test preparation. Writing assignments will range from paragraphs and journal entries to formal essays. Reading assignments will include a variety of genres such as fiction, non-fiction/informative, poetry, etc. Here’s the deal, my job is to trick you into liking books and seeing yourself in the works that we read. Your job is to try and not complain about the work, but rather, welcome the challenge and find value in your work. I promise, if you follow me into the light, I will make this class worth your while.

    I don’t know what all this year will hold for us; due to the nature of Covid-19, we must all be flexible and prepared for change. Whether we are meeting in person or online, we will still be working towards the same goals.

    Course Supplies:
    1.  Binder with dividers
    2.  Loose-leaf paper
    3.  Pens, pencils, and highlighters
    4.  Index cards & Post-it notes

    5. Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, & paper towels (for classroom use - appreciated but not required)


    Course Grading: No extra credit is offered.                  

    Minor, weight x 1 (Classwork/Homework) 40%
    Minor, weight x 2 (Written Responses/Quizzes) 40%                                                                                     

    Major, weight x 1 (Essays/Tests/Projects) 60%  


    Classroom Guidelines - In addition to the policies and procedures found in your GHS handbook, I have included the following expectations for my class.

    1. Be here. You need to be in your assigned seat when the bell rings. After three tardies, you will have earned an absence and, worse, be on my mental list of kids who don’t care about my class. After four tardies, you will be written up and lose possible exam exemption. Ouch.
    2. Be responsible. Bring everything you’ll need for class to class. All assignments are collected at the beginning of class on the due date. Late work will not receive credit. Major work, such as essays, will be accepted for half-credit within 24 hours of the due date. After that, no credit will be given. You are responsible for getting any missed assignments that were given during an absence. Assignments that can be completed during your absence are expected on the day you return. If work was given that you didn’t have access to, follow district guidelines to complete the work. Make-up work will not be given for days of suspension or unexcused absences. Make-up quizzes and tests will NOT be given during class.
    3. Be respectful. You are expected to be courteous and respectful to all students, teachers, and guests. There will be no swearing, name-calling, or snide comments. You may have a drink with a lid on it, but no eating or food delivery is allowed. Lastly, the use of technology at inappropriate times is rude. Laptops should in use only if I direct you to do so. Also, use of technology at inappropriate times is rude. Cell phones must be placed in the cell phone center at the back of the room as soon as you enter the room. Remember, you control your technology; it shouldn’t control you.
    4. Be awesome. I will not give credit for work that was plagiarized from any source. Think for yourself. Also, if you merely parrot back to me things I said in class, you will not have an awesome year. If, however, you are willing to think deeply, take risks, and work hard, then you’ll love this class.


    Students can see me before or after school, or during Mav break for extra help.  I can be reached by e-mail at esummerlin@madison-schools.com. Students should check assignments online before coming to class to make sure they are prepared. I will occasionally send out announcements and reminders via Remind. If and/or when the need arises, and we must move to a distance/virtual learning model, I will use Remind (in addition to Canvas) to communicate important and relevant course/assignment information.


    Calendar Overview – This calendar is tentative and subject to change. I will give you two weeks’ notice before we begin a new novel.  

    1st Nine Weeks

    Summer Reading – The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

    Narrative Elements Review & Short Stories

    Types of Writing

    Literary Analysis


    2nd Nine Weeks

    Mythology & The Hero’s Journey

    The Odyssey by Homer

    Informational Writing; Persuasive Essay


    3rd Nine Weeks

    Novel Unit: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

    Intro to Poetry

    Narrative Writing


    4th Nine Weeks

    Shakespeare; Poetry

    Romeo and Juliet – No Fear Shakespeare

    Annotated Bibliography


    Each Nine Weeks

    Vocabulary; Grammar; Mechanics; Various Writing & Reading Assignments


    Teacher Contact Information

    Erin Summerlin


    English I Remind Code: @dcf72g


    Parent Information

    Parents/Guardians, please click this LINK to fill out a brief information form. It is a fillable digital form created in Microsoft Forms. Please submit your completed form where indicated. Do not print and send to class with your student. This form should be submitted on or before Tuesday, September 8th.  

    For forms submitted on or before the due date, students will receive FIVE bonus points on his/her Summer Reading final test score.