• Maverick Theatre • Class Syllabus • 2020-2021

    Mrs. Erin R. Summerlin, Director of Maverick Theatre & Troupe 8990 


    Maverick Theatre Course Descriptions

    Theatre I

    This course requires no prerequisite and is open to any student who is interested in exploring the art of theatre and/or learning a new approach to creative expression and/or acquiring/enhancing skills in collaboration, problem-solving, and project-based work. Content covered in this course includes the origins of story-telling and theatre history by culture, basic theatre terminology, theatre safety, and an introduction to acting and technical theatre. Students will be required to read and analyze play scripts, participate in knowledge-building activities, and perform on stage.


    Theatre II

    The prerequisite for Theatre II is Theatre I. This course expounds on knowledge and skills gained in Theatre I, digging deeper and applying/developing learned skills by further exploring theatre history, acting technique(s), play composition and analysis, technical theatre, and play production. Students will conclude this course by producing a short play.


    Performing Arts

    This course is open to students who have completed the ninth grade and Theatre I & II. To be considered for the class, students must participate in an audition and/or technical interview.  In the first semester of this course, students will work to produce a one-act play that will be taken to The Mississippi Theatre Association’s Dramafest in Starkville, MS. Students will have the opportunity to put skills gained in Theatre I & II to real-world use, including technical theatre and acting skills. The second-semester course focuses on producing full-length musical theatre pieces.


    Classroom Rules & Expectations

    In order to maximize your learning experience in this class, it is important to know what is expected of you.

    1. Classroom Behavior:

    I expect you to be in class, on time, and ready to work every day. I expect that each of you will behave respectfully towards your classmates, teacher, and anyone who enters our classroom. Cell phones, laptops, and earbuds should be visible and in use only when instructed. Otherwise, they should be stored in your backpack. At no time during class should students be watching videos or playing games. I also expect you to follow rules of theatre etiquette and safety.

    1. Academic Honesty:

    I will NOT award credit for work that was plagiarized from a peer or any other source. Period.

    • Late Work:

    Failure to turn in any assignment on time results in a grade of zero.  The only acceptable reason for not having an assignment when it is due is an excused absence for the day the work was assigned. If you miss the window for an online assignment, DO NOT send me an e-mail with the work attached. You must see me in person to discuss the steps available to rectify the situation.


    1. Make-up Work:

    It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all assignments missed and to schedule make-up times for quizzes and tests immediately after an absence.  Refer to your student handbook to calculate time allowed on make-up work; when the time allowed has passed, your grade will be recorded as a zero if work is not completed. All make-up quizzes and tests must be taken before/after school or during Mav Break, NOT during class time.

    1. Supplies for all classes: 


    • I-inch binder for notes and handouts
    • Dividers (optional)
    • Lined paper
    • Pens (blue or black ink only)
    • Highlighters (optional)
    • #2 Pencils


    1. Grading:
    • Tests & Major Grades (projects, presentations, etc.) = 60%
    • Minor Grades (quizzes, classwork, homework, etc.) = 40%
    • Fees:

    For Theatre I & II, NO fee is required.

    For Performing Arts, a fee of $30.00 is required for each semester.

    Note: Students are also responsible for Dramafest travel expenses and possible miscellaneous production expenses.