• 2019-2020 School Year Book Talk

    Posted by Sheila McGraw on 9/1/2019 7:00:00 PM

    We have had a great start this year in the library! Ms. Dedmon and Ms. Coleman brought in the sixth graders and they got a good introduction to the library...fiction, non-fiction, and Dewey!  The 7th grade English classes came in and we talked about BOOK LOVE...and the importance of reading for pleasure. Ms. Lanier brought her classes in and I am expecting the 8th grade English classes to come in next week.

    Let me just say that the SHELVES are full of new great books.  I put out $2500.00 worth of books at the end of the year last year and last week I put out fifteen new books and audio books from Junior Library Guild.  Even though, I must admit, most of the DWK books and Amulet books stay checked out, they will come in and out and there are so many other great books on the shelves.  

    I am working on a BIG BOOK ORDER now so let me know what you want!

    Don't forget about Destiny Discover--you can get to it from several places on my website.  Also don't forget to sign in to Clever.com and check out SORA.

    Happy Reading at OTM.


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  • New Stuff

    Posted by Sheila McGraw on 10/27/2016

    I have lots of new stuff in the library...


    Some new robots....and some old ones that are still great...


    Some new magazines...Nat Geo Kids... Highlights ... Sports Illustrated Kids

    JM and RH show off the magazines that arrived this week


    Some new books....  You have to come check them out...I've gotten a bunch in lately.


    Some new audio books...I have about four audio books...they come with their own device and earbuds so you don't have to ...worry about devices or downloading apps or anything like that...they are super cute and super cool.


    and finally... ebooks....electronic books for your favorite device...Download the OVERDRIVE APP.... look at a link in my website....go to destiny quest from my website and find an e book... Your log in is your MSIS number...


    Have a great week..

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  • Rock n Roll in the Library...Well, maybe just Roll...

    Posted by Sheila McGraw on 10/26/2016 3:20:00 PM

    Watch Mr. Bell and Officer Young as they demonstrate the pedagogically correctness of PLAYING ...