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    WHEN CAN I COME?   When Can I Come to the Library?

    Library hours are from 7:35 to 3:30.
    Zero block, PE and Study Hall blocks are great times to ask if you can come visit the library.  If you finish your work in other classes, the teacher may allow you to come to the library.  Students need to get a pass from their teacher to come to the library, even at Zero Block.  Report in to your teacher, leave your backpack, get a pass and come enjoy the library in the mornings. At middle school, it is up to you to find the time to come to the library.  Students should sign in using the super-cool, handy dandy, electronic sign-in station at the circulation desk so we will have a record of your visit to the library.
    HOW LONG MAY I KEEP A BOOK? Image Credits Creator:Picasa
    Books are available to be checked out for two weeks at a time. When you finish your book early, though, please go ahead and turn it in.  You can put your books in the "return" slot or, Mrs. McGraw is almost always in the lower commons between classes. You can just give it to her!  If you have a precious and popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid book or Graphic Novel, please turn it in within one week so another student can check it out! Remember!  Read, Return, Repeat!
    A few desktop computers and iPads are available for student use. These computers can be used for research/educational purposes and to access the OTMS Destiny Discover catalog.  iPad search stations are available for searching the OTMS Collection.  Students are expected to abide by the district policies stated in the Student Handbook.  The most acceptable login for the library computers is otmlibrary and 1234567.  Please do your own, individual work.  Since your teacher is not here to guide you, please do not work in groups or with partners.  See additional detailed electronic procedures below.
    HOW DO I FIND A BOOK IN THE OTM LIBRARY?Catalog of Library Books Destiny Discover

    Destiny Discover is the library's catalog.  If you need to know the website, it is https://madisonschools.follettdestiny.com When you get to this page, you click on Old Town Middle School and then click on Catalog Tab up top and Destiny Discover tab on left.  The easiest way to access it is to find the icon under Clever.  It is very easy to use!  You can put in searches like Harry Potter or Erin Hunter. You can also click on the Destiny Discover link below.

    LPS Computing Services | Destiny Discover 

    OTMS students are welcome to use the printer located in the library if you are printing educational or school-related documents.  There is no charge. You can print your paper directly from your Chromebook by plugging in the cable attached to the printer.  There are good directions posted on the wall. You can also save your document to your OneDrive account.  You can access that account and your document from the library desktops and then print.  To print you should be on the MCSD WIFI.  You can not print from the GUEST WIFI.  When printing from the Internet, please cite your sources. There are signs near the desktops giving you tips on printing pictures from the Internet.
    Log in to your district student email account.  You can access Student Email from Clever, from the main Madison County School District website or you can access it from Old Town Middle School's page.  Your email address is your MSIS number (no leading zeroes) followed by @students.madison-schools.com.  So for example, if your MSIS number is 001551234, your email address would be 1551234@students.madison-schools.com
    Once you log into your email, which is Outlook, you will see nine boxes or tiles and one of the tiles will read OneDrive.
     Devices in the Library

    Additional detailed information about electronics!

    The following are Mrs. McGraw's thoughts and policies on using computers for rare free time in the library (PE class, etc.)


     Using Computers for Free Time in the Library

    The Resource List has some great things to do online!

    • Do not download games, apps or other software to the computers.
    • Do not video other people or take their picture.  This is in the handbook! And, if you break this rule, don't save pictures to the iPads!
    • Do not play games where violence is inflicted upon anyone or anything. (No shooting, stabbing, punching, etc).
    • You may not use social media (Facebook, Instagram, Vine, etc). Do not text.
    • Use the computers to enrich your mind, not veg it out with mindless motions. Refrain from using coolmath, online games, etc. 
    • Please do not view or play anything that your grandma would be embarassed to see. 🙂
    • One person per screen.

    At anytime where computers appear to be causing too much distress in your life, you will be asked to take a break.

    Mrs. McGraw reserves the right at anytime to ask you to close your screen and choose something more appropriate.



    You may not use your phone in the library.

    You may use your 1:M device but I prefer you use library desktop computers.

    If you use your own 1:M Chromebook, here are the policies:

    • Ask for permission before using your Chromebook.
    • Only use your Chromebook for school assignments.   If you are in the library, you can use the desktop computers. iPads are for designated library use only.
    • Keep the screen visible by the librarian at all times.  Do not sit in the corner or with your screen hidden from view.  This is for your protection. Please police yourself.
    • Do not use headphones unless you ask Ms. McGraw ahead of time.  If you are in the library on your Chromebook, you should be enriching your mind.
    • If you are in the library with a teacher, that teacher may set policy as long as he/she is assuming supervision, accountability and responsibility for your use.