Article 1. Procedure for electing officers

       Section A –

     Officers shall be elected  annually. Each office will be elected by a majority vote by dues paying members.

    Section B –

    Officer Candidates shall meet the following qualification:
        They shall be enrolled or have taken Nutrition & Wellness, Child Development or Family Dynamics during the time of their office.
        They shall be willing to assume the responsibilities of being an Officer of FCCLA
        They shall have a knowledgeable background of the FCCLA organization.

    Section C –

     Any officer displaying any of the following characteristics will be removed from his/her office.
    Any student with excessive absences.
    A student not willing or able to assume duties as required by his/her office.
    A student not respectful to his/her office or the FCCLA organization

      **If any student receives a suspension, expulsion or removal from school for whatever reason leading to that discipline, the student will be removed from that office.

    Section D –

    If after an election any one of the above qualifications in Section B are not fulfilled, or any one of the characteristics of Section C are found or if a student resigns or is removed from office, the position will be filled in the following manner:
          The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in the event the office of President becomes vacant.

          In the event of any other office vacated, a motion shall come from the floor for candidates. After a second to the motion, candidates will be nominated. A vote of the members shall be taken and the person with the greater number of votes shall take over the position.