• MCHS SUMMER PSAT WORKSHOP - Mon., June 13 - Fri. June 26, 2022

    We can hardly wait for the fun to begin and the skills to build! But first, some vital information.
    1. We'll communicate with parents and students via email and app (Remind).
        STUDENTS:  MESSAGE: @22nmsqt       TO: 81010
        PARENTS:     MESSAGE: @22psat          TO: 81010
    2. We'll meet in the MCHS BAND HALL. Students may park in the rear parking lot in front of the band hall. Students should arrive by 8:45 a.m. and be in their seats A.S.A.P. Class begins promptly at 8:45 a.m. and runs through 12:15 p.m. daily. We do take attendance. Students sign in daily, noting arrival time. Students who have conflicts and will miss any session or portion thereof should let us know dates and times of expected absence in advance via email and in the proper slot on the sign-in sheet.
    3. Students should DRESS comfortably (shorts are okay, but must be school appropriate), bring their pencils and paper, PSAT notebooks, CALCULATORS, and charged MacBooks 


    4. We'll hold our very own PSAT OLYMPICS featuring group and individual competition, featuring a final Friday awards ceremony with prizes.
    5. Expect HOMEWORK. Students will be asked to study formulas and vocabulary, do practice exercises and problems, solve puzzles and mysteries, and write and present skits.  We expect all students to participate and we will check progress, but there are no "grades."  But if you are to get your money's worth, students should participate in all assignments.


    6. For PICTURES, visit our 2022 WORKSHOP GALLERY    linked on the left menu.

    7. EMAIL Please refer technical questions about online/email assignments to Mrs. Shivers.



         Beverly Daniel -  bdaniel@madison-schools.com

         Laura Miller - lmiller@madison-schols.com

         Susan Shivers - sshivers@madison-schools.com







    Parents, if you are interested in your child participating this summer, please plan to attend.
    INFORMATION MEETING for the 2013 Summer PSAT Workshop
           WHEN:   6:00 p.m. Tuesday, January 15, 2013
           WHERE:  MCHS Auditorium 
    If you'd like a preview, check out our PSAT Workshop Galleries
                   or watch this brief PSAT Workshop Video (5:20) from 2005.  Students, you might recognize your English teacher in this one!