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    Posted by Susan Shivers on 7/6/2014


    Congratulations!  You survived Day #1 of the 2014 MCHS PSAT SUMMER WORKSHOP.  Here's a quick reminder about what you need to do for homework.
    TO DO LIST: 
    1.  READ:  Sample parody from The Onion:  "Congress Passes Americans with No Abilities Act"
    2.  If you were DILATORY, finish the HARBINGER worksheet for turn-in.  Then don't be late tomorrow!  Oh, and if you want to sing along, we've provided a link here and on our PSAT Links Page.
    3.  Get your photo permission slip signed right now and put it where you won't forget it.
    4.  Great job on the  "201 WORDS YOU ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY HAVE TO KNOW" CROSSWORDS. If you didn't bring 'em in, bring 'em when they're done. We're hoping that's tomorrow!
    5.  Work on your parody and the skit.  If want to see samples and pictures, click these links.
         A.  For a sampling of student and professional PARODIES, visit our PSAT Links Page and scroll to the bottom.
         B.  SKITS:  
              1.) 2013 Photo Gallery 
              2.) 2012 Photo Gallery
              3.) 2011 Photo Gallery
              4.) 2010 Photo Gallery 
    6.  Bring snacks for tomorrow if it's your group's turn.  TUESDAY:  Group 
    7.  Work on your TARGET SCORE & PLAN OF ACTION. 
    Now because vocabulary is the single biggest variable influencing standardized test scores, don't "hang up" or "X-out" until you do three more things:

    1. Click through the MVP words here or on the links page.   If you have time, piddle around a bit in the workbook.                                  

    2. When you are ready for bed, click here to check out VocabuTale A.  Oh ,yes....We'll be providing you with nightly bedtime stories which you may copy and print out for contextual practice.  Tonight's installment ,"THE AUDACIOUS AARDVARK," (yes, underlining indicates an HTML link)is brought to you by the Letter A.

    3. Enter the PSAT MYSTERY MAN contest!  (For more on this, check your school email.  It's your MSIS#@students.madison-schools.com  .  If you don't remember your number or password, email Mrs. Shiv.  We'll send it to you.)

    We SAVORED every minute of the day and absolutely cannot wait to see you on the morrow!


    Your PSAT PEDAGOGUES (Daniel, Reed, & Shivers)


    PSAT STRESS RELIEVER:  Click link for access to tools.

    If banging your head on the old mousepad just doesn't do the trick anymore, try downloading this little tool.  You'll find is useful for term paper writing, as well.. 
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