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    MAGAZINE RACK (Click for WMV or MP4.)

    We'll add fake magazine covers to these daily and convert to MP4 video at the end of the workshop.

    AWARDS (Click for WMV or MP4.)

     PSAT Punk'd (Click for WMV or MP4.)



    SKIT #1:  SKITCEPTION (Click for WMV or MP4.)


    SKIT #2:  THE JOHN McCAIN SHOW  (Click for WMV or MP4.)




    SKIT #4:  MADISON CAT SHOW (Click for WMV or MP4.)


    SKIT #5:  THE ELEVATOR (Click for WMV or MP4.)


    "SNAPS" & SUCH!  (Click for WMVor MP4.)

    2013 PSAT WORKSHOP:  It's a WRAP! (Click for WMV or MP4)

     FROday Is THAT 70s DAY in PSAT!  (Click for WMV or  MP4.)

    PSAT RELAY!   (Click  for WMV or MP4.)

    GEOMETRY BALL:  Round #2  (Click for WMV or MP4.)  


    GEOMETRY BALL: Round #1 (Click for MP4.)

    BOARDS UP!  Bottle Math and Grammar Review (Click for WMV or MP4.)


    GEOMETRY BALL:  Round #3 (Click for WMVor MP4.)

    WORKSHOP MUG SHOTS (Click for WMV or MP4)

    FRIDAY's FROday -- THAT 70s DAY!  

    Click links for PREVIEWS:

         GROOVILICIOUS DISCO DANCIN' with Holloway & Bullock  - MP4
         SOUL TRAIN SHIMMY SHAKE with Yost & Jones - MP4
         THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE IT  Lee, Walley, Malouf, Gibson, & Mashburn - MP4
         GROOVILICIOUS FROMANCE with Moore and Rout  MP4
         DISCO CHRISTMAS with Husband and Walzers  MP4
         DISCO MISFITS:  Gangnam Style ALAMGIR / MP4 and SEISS / MP4


    PSATers' PARODIES:   

         LOATHING PARODY  (video) MP4  Gibson and Yost  (LONG buffer but worth the wait)  
         HIPHOP WORKSHOP (audio) WAV by Walley MP3   or M4A 
         AT & T COMMERCIAL  MP4 or YouTube  Holloway and company!
         IF YOU GIVE A PSATer A GOAL  (PDF) Moore
         PSAT FLASHCARD PPT  Dahmash
         THE THREE LITTLE PSATers (PDF)  Sawaya
         TOLKEIN PARODY (PDF)  Sam's Pep Talk in PSAT-speak Lawson
         LACK OF WORDS (ppt) Shofner


         ROMEO & JULIET Langlois & Seiss MP4
         GREASE "You Better Shape Up" Payne & Malouf  MP4
         JOWLS Clay, Lee, and Smith MP4
         "I GOT YOU BABE" Chafin and Bullock MP4
         SILENT MOVIE Shofner and Gerard MP4
         THE LATEX Gibson, McKenzie, Ray, and Malouf MP4
         GORGON DOES LUNCH Mennefield MP4